Linux Server Administration

Most web servers, mobile phones, personal computers, supercomputers, and cloud servers are powered by Linux because of its high stability, high security, and open-source environment. Perception’s Linux systems administration team can manage all operations of your computer system and are experts with Linux file systems, file system hierarchy, managing root/super users, package management, custom compiling, bash command, and handling files, directories & users.

We specialize in most flavours of Linux

We can create new cloud servers or manage existings ones

System Administration is a criterion for any organization or company that requires a solid IT foundation. Our Linux professionals can manage the operations of your business’ computer systems – including installation, maintenance, enhancements, creation of user accounts & reports, and taking backups using cloud tools and Linux command-line interface options.

Perception can:

  • Maintain and develop internet-facing solutions utilizing DNS, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, and custom CSS/HTML
  • Take regular backups of data, create new stored procedures and list backups
  • Analyze error logs to implement fixes while providing excellent customer support for Webhosting, ISP and LAN customers
  • Communicate with staff, vendors, and customers in a cultivated, professional manner at all times
  • Enhance, maintain and create tools for the Linux environment and its users
  • Detect and solve service problems ranging from disaster recovery to login problems
  • Install necessary systems and security tools. Work with network engineers and other personnel/departments to analyze hardware requirements and make acquiring recommendations
  • Troubleshoot when server problems occur
RedHat RedHat
CentOS CentOS
rackspace rackspace
DigitalOcean DigitalOcean

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